VIB Interest Group Meeting

We would like to organise a community meeting for bioinformaticians who are interested in using container and workflow technology within their bioinformatics research. Based on several use cases from within VIB, we hope to create a forum for best practises and knowledge exchange and possibly stimulate collaboration within VIB. This meeting took place in Ghent on 25/01/2019.

We aim to show that containerisation is a method of bundling an application or pipeline with all its dependencies, from language runtimes like Python and R to the operating system itself. Furthermore, we would like to discuss what type of pipelining tools are used within VIB Bioinformatics labs as well as core facilities and also show some examples from other Core Facilities beyond VIB (e.g. NGI in Stockholm). And last but not least, we would like to introduce the Bioconda initiative which aims at a sustainable and comprehensive software distribution system for life sciences.