Analyzing biological networks with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

Trainer Stéphane Plaisance


Use of Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) software for various applications:

  • Creating and modifying biological networks e.g. which genes are involved in a certain disease
  • Mapping data to biological processes, networks and pathways
    • mapping a list of genes/proteins/chemicals
    • mapping quantitative data e.g. microarray/proteomics/metabolomics data
  • High quality visualisation of biological networks and pathways
  • Assessing the biological significance of pathways in certain physiological conditions e.g. detecting overrepresented pathways in diseases


IPA is software that allows researchers to analyze, integrate and understand data derived from experiments that generate a list of relevant genes, proteins or chemicals. The software relies on the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, a thoroughly curated database of high quality information on biological interactions and functional annotation. The database is limited to information on human, mouse and rat.


Basic understanding of biological processes. BITS provides 15 laptops for their training sessions. Depending on the number of participants (max 20), it is possible that you have to share the laptop with one other participant but you can also choose to bring your own laptop for this training session.


See the TRAINING AT VIB website for a detailed schedule of this training.

Training material


IPA quick reference card by St├®phane Plaisance (BITS)


Scientific topics Protein interactions, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Microarray experiment, Biological pathway
Target audience Life Science Researchers, PhD students, post-docs