Software Development for Bioinformatics

Open Call For Software Projects

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We provide resources for software development of bioinformatics applications for VIB scientists. An overview presentation can be found here.

Here are some examples of delivered applications:

  • PTM Viewer: an intuitive protein-centric PTM viewer (De Smet Lab)
    submitted to JPR, in rebuttal

  • Through collaboration with the VIB Bio Imaging Core (BIC), Frank Vernaillen from the VIB Bioinformatics Core designed and implemented a software ‘bridge’ that allows ‘Quasar’ code to be called from within Java. He also designed and developed a user-friendly plugin for de-noising electron microscopy (EM) images. It was added to the broadly used Image analysis software ImageJ. 
    Release is envisaged in 2019 as well as a publication.

  • Furthermore, together with Sebastian Munck, he developed an analysis technique which allows characterizing of the surface of the cell membrane over tens of micrometers with a resolution on the nanometer scale in a label free manner. MATLAB scripts have been developed to interpret the gray level information of the measured interferometric patterns to deduce the nanotopography of the membrane.
    A manuscript is currently in preparation.

Current projects are:

  • Beerome (Verstrepen Lab)

  • Flow Cytometry - automated gating strategies (Liston Lab)

  • Protein Homeostatis DB (Switch Lab)

  • Reliably estimating the quality and completeness of your plant genome/transcriptome (Vandepoele Lab)
  • SnpEffect 5.0, an updated version online tool online tool for analysing the effect of coding mutations on the structure and folding of proteins (Switch Lab).

  • Toucan.JS: a re-written and extended web browser-based version of Toucan, workbench for regulatory sequence analysis (Aerts Lab)