Paula Martinez joins ELIXIR Belgium and VIB Bioinformatics Core

Paula Andrea Martinez joins us in December. Paula is a data scientist with background in bioinformatics. She worked at The University of Queensland, Australia as specialized trainer for data analysis and data visualization. She is part of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry as instructor, maintainer, mentor and trainer. ELIXIR Belgium, is welcoming Paula in the training platform as trainer. Within the ELIXIR Belgium framework, courses in providing FAIR data and applying data management strategies as well as workshops of the pipelining tool Galaxy and software best practices (data carpentry) will be developed. We look forward to connecting and learning from each other. Please visit Paula personal web site, the ELIXIR Belgium and our ELIXIR web page for more information and planning of courses. We will inform about events also via our twitter account @vibbioinfocore.