Bioinformatics Seminar Series

The VIB Bioinformatics Core will organise regular online bioinformatics seminars with speakers from VIB, UGent and other institutes/organisations. We want to connect Ghent based bioinformaticians and researchers with interest in computational biology.

These seminar sessions will facilitate the connections between biology and bioinformatics, allowing participants from various fields in science to ask questions, discuss and perhaps collaborate. The topics are not limited, we are open for any suggestion: e.g. NGS sequencing, multi-omics data analysis, research data management, comparative genomics, etc.

The first episode was live on 18 November 2020. You can watch it on this link.
Speakers for that day:
- Joris Roels (Yvan Saeys lab, VIB-UGent)
- Mainak Guha Roy (VIB Bioinformatics Core)
- Bert Droesbeke (ELIXIR Belgium, VIB-UGent)

Everyone is invited to give a talk or organise one of the sessions, please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.