New co-expression search tool in Genevestigator

Genevestigator is a gene-expression analysis tool to which scientists at VIB have free access. Recently, Genevestigator has launched a new module in their software, called the 'Co-expression tool'.

The 'Co-Expression tool' of Genevestigator searches for your gene of interest other genes that are expressed in the same tissues, at the same time, or respond to the same set of conditions. It uses a powerful engine that processes results on-the-fly based on any dataset that you compose from the Genevestigator database. As an alternative to searching the predefined sample-categories such as anatomy, neoplasms, perturbations or development, you can also create your own set of samples to identify genes with similar expression profiles. The 'Co-Expression tool' shows you the genes that correlate best to your target in a nice graph, with the option to displaying further mutual correlation information between these genes.

But perhaps the best way to get to know this tool is to have look at the video tutorial.

To access Genevestigator at VIB, please check our Genevestigator page.