Expression data of infectious protozoa in Genevestigator

Here is the list of the current datasets prepared by Genevestigator and dealing with protozoan infection diseases. Genevestigator is a webportal to normalized and curated expression data, free to use for all VIB scientists.

GV ID repository ID Chip type # of arrays disease
HS-00186 GSE5418 GPL96 71 malaria
HS-00235 GSE7586 GPL570 20 malaria (placental)
MM-00094 GEOSS GPL81 13 amoebic colitis
MM-00095 GEOSS GPL81 6 amoebic colitis
MM-00098 GEOSS GPL81 34 Chargas disease
MM-00373 GSE11497  GPL1261 4 leishmaniasis 
MM-00402 GSE13522  GPL1261 33 Chargas disease

(Table content as of 2012-06-04) You can use the provided IDs in Genevestigator to fetch more detailed information.