New Signature tool in Genevestigator

Genevestigator is a gene-expression analysis tool to which scientists at VIB have free access. Recently, Genevestigator has launched a new module in their software, called the 'Signature tool'.

Enter a short list of genes and their corresponding expression values (absolute or relative) obtained for instance by RT-qPCR, microarrays or RNAseq, and Genevestigator will search its expression compendium to identify conditions in which the given expression signature occurs.

As an introduction, the Signature tool will be in BASIC access until the end of 2012. It will then become part of Genevestigator ADVANCED (to which all VIB scientists have access). So take advantage of this opportunity to try out this unique tool! For a brief description and tutorial, see here.

To access Genevestigator at VIB, please check our Genevestigator page.