IPA winter release 2013

IPA® is a powerful web-based knowledge base system designed for biologists. IPA now released their winter 2013 update with more capabilities and some important changes in the reference pathway system.

Published on December 13, 2013. The 2013 IPA Winter Release is here!

  • Find trends and similarities across analyses using new heat maps for Downstream Effects, Upstream regulators, and Causal Networks
  • Easier to use barcharts in analyses
  • IPA will launch faster
  • Analyses and Comparison Analyses open more rapidly
  • The Create Analysis dialog comes up faster
  • Mac users can now increase the cache size on their hard drive
  • A new warning message will appear if IPAÔÇÖs disk cache becomes full
  • Path Explorer performance has been improved


Content Updates | 100,000+ new findings (total of ~5 million findings)

  • ~41,000 new Expert Findings
  • ~9,000 new ExpertAssist Findings
  • ~20,000 new protein-protein interaction findings from IntAct
  • ~13,000 new protein-protein interactions from BioGRID
  • ~9,000 new cancer mutation disease association findings from COSMIC
  • ~8,000 new BRCA1 and BRCA2 variant findings from the Breast Cancer Information Core (BIC)
  • ~3,000 new mutation-to-disease findings from ClinVar
  • ~1,300 new disease target findings from ClinicalTrials.gov
  • ~450 new mouse knockout-to-phenotype findings from the Mouse Genome Database (JAX Labs)

  • Array Support The Affymetrix Ovine Gene 1.0 ST Array (i.e. sheep) is now supported. Note that the probes of the array are mapped to their corresponding human/mouse/rat orthologs using mapping information supplied to Ingenuity by Affymetrix. There are no sheep genes per se in IPA.


Read the full release notes (here).

Download the IPA datasheet (here).

To access IPA at VIB, please check our IPA page.