IPA fall release 2013

Published Date: September 24, 2013: IPA┬« is a powerful web-based knowledge base system designed for biologists. IPA now released their fall-2013 update with more capabilities and some important changes.

Discover Causal Connections. Faster.

See the whole picture!  Powerful functionality enables you to understand causal connections between molecules and diseases.  The upcoming release of IPA┬« from Ingenuity┬« Systems has exciting new capabilities which enable interactive visual exploration of causality between molecules and disease, functions, or phenotypes.  These new capabilities include:

Disease and Function Nodes:  Systematically analyze and explore disease and function to molecule relationships on your pathways and networks.

Understand diseases by visualizing them in context to other diseases and biological functions within the Ingenuity ontology and link to external sources.
Leverage your domain expertise to customize Ingenuity content for a specific disease or therapeutic area by importing your own proprietary relationships into a secure repository to use throughout IPA.


Read the full release notes (here).

To access IPA at VIB, please check our IPA page