IPA winter release 2014

Published Date: December 15, 2014: IPA┬« is a powerful web-based knowledge base system designed for biologists.

The IPA Winter Release comes with very attractive new features like:

* Enhanced RNA-Seq support includes human Ensembl-based isoforms
 * Find the significant isoforms in your RNA-seq data with new human isoform visualizations
 * Enhanced RNA-seq support for human lncRNAs and microRNAs

* Increase the usability and explanatory power of networks with new layout options (Each layout emphasizes different aspects of the network. Note that the hierarchical and radial layout options behave differently if a subset of the nodes is selected before choosing that option)

* Customize Comparison Analysis heat maps by filtering on p-values and z-scores simultaneously
* Focus on the pathways that have an activation or inhibition z-score in your Core Analyses (see the 'customize chart settings' page for more details)

and more...

Content updates:

~30,000 new findings (total of ~5.1 million findings), including:

~16,500 new Expert Findings
~9,500 new gene to function findings from GO (GeneOntology.org)
~1,400 new protein-protein interaction findings from BioGRID
~900 new disease target findings from ClinicalTrials.gov
~500 new protein-protein interaction findings from IntAct

Read the full release notes (here). 

To access IPA at VIB, please check our IPA page