IPA spring release 2015

Published Date: March 28th, 2015: IPA┬« is a powerful web-based knowledge base system designed for biologists.

Read the full release notes (here).

Content Updates

  • ~100,000 new findings (total of ~5.2 million findings), including:
  • ~37,000 new Expert findings
  • ~1,600 new ExpertAssist findings
  • ~33,000 new protein-protein interactions from BioGRID database
  • ~18,000 new cancer mutation disease association findings from COSMIC
  • ~3,800 new protein-protein interactions from IntAct database
  • ~1,000 new gene-to-biological process assertions from Gene Ontology (GO)
  • ~900 new mutation-to-disease findings from ClinVar
  • ~450 new mouse knockout-to-phenotype findings in Mouse Genome Database (JAX Labs)
  • ~200 new gene to disease findings from OMIM
  • ~4500 new biomarker findings for "efficacy" and ÔÇ£response to therapy" in Functional Analysis from GVK Biosciences
  • ~1,300 new disease target findings from ClinicalTrials.gov

Three new signaling pathways:

  • Phagosome formation
  • Phagosome maturation
  • Autophagy

To access IPA at VIB, please check our IPA page

To update IPA core analyses to the new content, read our IPA-FAQ page (VIB users only).