Genevestigator added content (2015-08-12)

Published Date: August 12, 2015: GENEVESTIGATOR is an innovative online platform enabling researchers to globally explore public and proprietary expression data for research and clinical applications.


Based on our users' wishes, we have been curating new expression data in specific areas.

New Data Content for Human, Mouse and Rat

We just released 3,215 newly curated samples from experiments mainly on:

  • Nephrology (Kidney transplantation, nephritis, uremia, and others)
  • Respiratory diseases (COPD, smoking)
  • Oncology (Ewing Sarcoma, Wilms tumor, leukemia,renal cell carcinoma, and others)
  • Rheumatology (systemic sclerosis, Kawasaki disease)
  • Infectious diseases (septic shock)
  • Rare diseases (Werner syndrome, Conn's disease, Turner syndrome, Fanconi anemia, Myopathy, and others)

Find out in GENEVESTIGATOR how these new data affect your genes of interest!

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