Genevestigator News (2016-01-06)

Published Date: Jan 06, 2016: GENEVESTIGATOR is an innovative online platform enabling researchers to globally explore public and proprietary expression data for research and clinical applications.


First of all our best wishes for 2016!

New curated data for Arabidopsis, Maize and Wheat

We just released 5 RNAseq and 17 microarray experiments with the following perturbations:

  • Pathogen (Fusarium germinearum)
  • Hormonal treatment (ABA)
  • Nutrition deficiency
  • Stress treatment(drought, heat)
  • Genotype comparisons

New curated data for Human and Mouse

We just released new data for Human and Mouse in:

  • Respiratory diseases (COPD, PAH)
  • Fetal tissues
  • Acute kidney injury (AKI)
  • NCI-60 cell line panel (Human)

To visualise these new data, simply login on  GENEVESTIGATOR

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