CLC GWB webinars series 2016

Published Date: April 23rd, 2016: CLC genomics Workbench is a powerful application for sequence analysis designed for biologists.

From data to biological insights with CLC Genomics Workbench

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Register for our upcoming CLC Genomics Workbench webinar series starting on April 28th!


Join us for our new CLC Genomics Workbench webinar series presented by Ajay Athavale, Senior Bioinformatics Engineer with the QIAGEN Advanced Genomics team. Webinars are available in U.S. and E.U. time zones.


By attending our webinar series, youÔÇÖll learn how to best use our tools and solutions, while:

  • Getting an overview of the workbench user interface
  • Learning how to run individual tools
  • Discovering how to generate end-to-end workflows by connecting tools
  • Learning tips and tricks for data visualization

Please visit our website for additional information about the CLC Genomics Workbench. We look forward to your participation!


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