IPA Webinar series (2018)

Register for the Qiagen IPA Webinar Series (5, 12, 19 and 26 April)!

From a Qiagen announce email:

Don't miss our 4-part webinar series on Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)! Explore how IPA’s knowledge and discovery tools allow you to relate the latest literature findings to your ‘omics research and help you in hypothesis generation. Learn to apply tools to gain detailed info about genes and proteins, create interactive and customized pathways and get the inside scoop on our latest updates.

Sign up now and read more about our upcoming IPA support webinar series below.

  • Part 1: Introduction to IPA software and the powerful QIAGEN Knowledge Base that drives it
  • Part 2: Formatting and uploading your data into IPA
  • Part 3: Interpreting the results of your core analysis in IPA
  • Part 4: Compare your data to thousands of analyses using IPA’s Analysis Match

All VIB scientists can have access to IPA, read more about IPA