Genevestigator News (2018-10-16)

Published Date: October 16, 2018: GENEVESTIGATOR is an innovative online platform enabling researchers to globally explore public and proprietary expression data for research and clinical applications.

Genevestigator now includes a new tool called 2-Gene Plot, read below about it! GV 2geneplot


Good news for you!

GENEVESTIGATOR has just been updated. We have summarized some highlights of this update for you:

  • New 2-Gene Plot tool to simultaneously visualize the expression of two genes of interest and highlight subgroups of samples. Prioritization of biomarkers is one of many possible applications!
  • Complete revision of all mouse studies in GENEVESTIGATOR introducing new standardized ontologies for mouse strains and cell lines, enriched sample descriptions and refined data selection and filtering parameters. Working with mouse data has become even more efficient!
  • Enrichment of human and rodent RNA-Seq and microarray data with an emphasis on cardiology and immunology.
  • Revision of the Zea mays RNA-Seq platform. The raw read data of all experiments were re-processed on the new AGPv4 reference transcriptome using Salmon.
  • Advanced data and gene selection features to make complex selections with just a few clicks.
  • Enrichment of Triticum aestivum RNA-Seq data.

As your time is precious, we have kept this newsletter short. However, if you are interested in knowing more about any of the features mentioned above, just contact us. We are always happy to provide you with more information.

Have a great week and enjoy exploring the new data, tool and features!


REM: People having issues installing the new version 7.0 should consider removing the old version before running the installer. As nothing is stored on the local computer, you will not loose any data.

All VIB scientists have access to Genevestigator, read more about Genevestigator