IPA added analysis tools

Published Date: January 8th, 2019: IPA¬© is a powerful web-based knowledge base system designed for biologists.

Starting from end december 2018, BITS is offering you access to two more tools in IPA.

Please note that our concurrent access limit is not changed and that when many users try to access IPA at the same time, an error message will appear (no panic, just retry later on)

  • IPA should upgrade itself at the next launch; If not, you can find the installer here
  • Read the latest release notes (here).
  • Read the archived release notes (here).

Analysis Match

Broaden the scope of your discovery when you evaluate your dataset in the context of more than 47,000 IPA analyses.

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BioProfiler searches the IPA Knowledge Base of scientific information to generate molecular profiles of diseases, phenotypes, and biological processes (e.g., apoptosis) listing all the genes and compounds that have been associated with the profiled term. Find, filter, and prioritize genes and compounds based on the research question at hand. Focus on molecules of interest, find causally relevant genes, filter for specific genetic evidence or for species, and explore associations with similar diseases or phenotypes. The surfaced data can then be examined further in the context of pathways using all available IPA features. Note: Included in IPA with Advanced Analytics.

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To access IPA at VIB, please check our IPA page