VIB A very active Bioinformatics developer community at VIB delivers a lot of useful software. Below you can find information about some of the active projects.




  • iceLogo - Visualize conserved sequence patterns in a sequence logo
  • ConTra2 - Identification of transcription factor binding sites by aligning promotors
  • GenomeComb - Compare, annotate and filter the results of complete genome sequencing
  • GenomeView - Interactive visualization of annotated sequences, short read alignments and more
  • SNPEffect - Database of effects of SNP in the human proteome 
  • PeptideShaker - Identification of MS/MS spectra and direct analysis of the resulting peptide identifications
  • CORNET - Knowledge discovery by constructing, integration and visualization of biological networks
  • APM GUI - Analysis of Particles Movement in Matlab
  • novoSNP - Detect variations in resequencing projects
  • PLAZA - A platform for plant comparative genomics
  • EVEX (beta version) - A large-scale knowledge base from data mining PubMed abstracts and full articles