E-Notebook (ELN)

Electronic Lab Notebook

VIB offers an electronic alternative to the paper lab notebook to every co-worker; this system is known as ELN. The ELN system at VIB is E-Notebook 2014 by PerkinElmer. E-Notebook is a software program designed to capture experimental data in electronic format and to store the data in a searchable repository.


Benefits of electronic documentation
•Capture and store research data in one database
•Facilitate research collaboration and data exchange
•Data standardization
•Search and retrieve digital data more easily
•Avoid repetition of previously experiments
•Reduce reporting time
•Strengthen VIB's IP position
•Enable knowledge management

Get it!

In order to use the ELN software you need an active VIB account and password!

E-Notebook 2014 runs natively on Microsoft Windows. To download the software, browse to https://eln.vib.be/clickonce and click on 'launch'.

MacOS, Linux, mobile devices
The ELN software is available on the VIB Citrix Portal: https://storefront.vib.be - DESKTOPS
Note: install the Citrix Workspace App from www.citrix.com, App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store. 

ELN Support

We offer ELN introduction sessions and installation support to all scientists using ELN. More information on the Electronic Lab Notebook Introduction sessions can be found on the VIB Training website.

ELN Helpdesk: Christof De Bo & Alexander Botzki
Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +32 9 224 98 68