Ingenuity Pathways Analysis

With Ingenuity Pathways Analysis you can summarize a variety of biological information around your gene of interest. Create visually appealing networks of your pathway or your gene lists and start discovering biology! Which biological processes does your gene list represent? IPA can tell you immediately, based on their curated information source extracted from the literature.

We have several free IPA licenses for use by VIB scientists.


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NEW 2020

IPA is now more than just IPA thanks to 'Analysis Match', 'BioProfiler', 'Activity Plots', 'Metadata keys', and more ...

NEW 2020/07 

We have complimentary access to Omicsoft LandExplorer within IPA until end of the current license

  • discover the power of LandExplorer with this webcast
  • Note: Omicsoft LandExplorer data can be accessed from links in several core analysis tabs

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