Introduction to network biology

Trainer Kris Laukens


This training will give the participants insights in the role of and potential use of biological network analysis.
In particular it will allow life scientists to understand:

  • the principles of network (graph) theory
  • the implications of these principles on biological systems functioning

Furthermore the participants will learn in practice how biological networks can be reconstructed, analysed or explored to extract novel insights.


This course presents a comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of studying molecular networks. The course combines lectures with hands-on exercises in which the participants learn to apply these principles to real data. The course will be based on freely available data and software. In particular, special attention will go to the use of Cytoscape and its extensions.


This training is intended for people with basic knowledge of molecular biology. BITS provides 15 laptops for their training sessions. Depending on the number of participants (max 20), it is possible that you have to share the laptop with one other participant but you can also choose to bring your own laptop for this training session.


See the TRAINING AT VIB website for a detailed schedule of this training.

Training material

Training material is not available for this course.



Scientific topics Cytoscape input file format, Pathway or network analysis, Pathway or network visualisation
Target audience Life Science Researchers, PhD students, post-docs