Basic statistics in R

Trainer Janick Mathys


  • Get an idea of what R and R-Studio is, where to find more information, how to install and use it
  • Use R to handle data: data types, reading data
  • Use R to create graphics
  • Use mathematical functions and basic statistical techniques in R
  • Write and manage R scripts


This training gives an introduction to the use of the statistical software language R. R is a language for data analysis and graphics. This introduction to R is aimed at beginners. The training covers data handling, graphics, mathematical functions and some statistical techniques.
R is for free and for more information you can visit the site at the CRAN web site.
This training is an introduction to the use of R and RStudio and stops at very basic analyses (t-tests and non-parametric equivalents). A full overview of statistical analyses in R including regression, ANOVA will be given in the follow-up training Basic statistics in R, part II


The training is intended for people who have no experience with R. However, understanding of basic statistical concepts is required, such as data types, normal distribution, descriptive statistics, tests for comparing groups... If you don't have sufficient statistical background you are strongly encouraged to attend the Basic statistics theory training.

BITS provides 15 laptops for their training sessions. Depending on the number of participants (max 20), it might be that you have to share the laptop with one other participant but you can also choose to bring your own laptop for this training session.


See the TRAINING AT VIB website for a detailed schedule of this training.

Training material



  • RStudio: an open source Integrated Development Environment for R (works in Windows, Linux and Mac)

Tutorials on R

Scientific topics Statistical calculation
Target audience Life Science Researchers, PhD students, post-docs