Push-to-talk settings

To enable push-to-talk, first go to “User settings”.

20200318 settings discord01






Go to the “Voice and Video” section

20200318 settings discord02

Check “Push to Talk”

20200318 settings discord03


And record a shortcut by clicking “record a keybind” (keyboard icon), hit the keys you want to use, and finally click “stop recording”.

20200318 settings discord04

When you’re in a channel and you want to say something, you’ll have to push the shortcut keys to activate the microphone and start talking.

Test microphone

While you’re in this section. Check whether your microphone is working. Click on “Let’s check”.

20200318 settings discord05

If it isn’t recording any sound, your system might have disabled Discord from using the microphone.

Follow any of the instructions on this website: https://www.saintlad.com/discord-mic-not-working/.